How do I incorporate the Mediterranean Diet into my lifestyle?

Here are some tips that you can use to incorporate the Mediterranean Diet into your lifestyle.

  1. Replace animal fats and vegetable oils with good sources of fats such as olive oil or canola oil.
  2. Eat fresh berries as a snack during the day. Mix them with organic plain, nonfat greek yogurt for a healthy breakfast (or snack). Pro Tip: Buy flash frozen berries from your local warehouse club (Sams etc)
  3. Instead of sugary cereals use buckwheat, rolled oats or other whole grain cereals.
  4. Use dried beans in a casserole or dish. Use them to replace red meats in some dishes.
  5. Try to get 2 or more fish servings in a week. Most high-end groceries now have pre-made sushi packs ready to go in their meat sections.
  6. Prep your foods ahead of time. Buy your bulk foods on Sunday afternoon, cut them up into individual servings and freeze them. Thaw out over night before they are needed. (saves time and money)
  7. Walk/Run/Move! Put some pep in your step when you are shopping for your frozen berries and bulk goods at your local big box retailer. Pro Tip: Park further away from the stores entrance to give yourself additional walking time.
  8. Throw some nuts into some of your dishes for additional good fats.

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