Top 5 Reasons most diets fail

The Mediterranean Diet is no different than other diets when it comes to being successful. Below you will find the top 5 reasons most diets fail. Knowing what they are will hopefully help you avoid them.

1.       No preparation

Buy in bulk and prepare raw foods ahead of time. Buy your meats in bulk, cut into serving size and freeze individually.

2.       Diet is to strict

You quit eating everything that you enjoy. That takes huge amounts of will power and it sets you up for failure via temptation. Allow yourself to eat foods that you enjoy every once in a while. Keyword – moderation.

3.       You consider this a temporary fix and not a lifestyle change

Remember, the Mediterranean Diet is a lifestyle change, not a fad diet. You are in this for the long haul. Even after you achieve your desired results that doesn’t mean you should/can go back to your old eating habits.

4.       You want immediate results

Your health didn’t degrade overnight. I will take time for you to see some results.

5.       All or nothing attitude

One day you slip and have a slice of greasy pizza for lunch and Chinese for dinner and then decide that your diet has failed. So you figure that you should just give up for the week and eat whatever. You will have to remind yourself that one meal isn’t going to ruin your diet. No one has perfect meals and you shouldn’t hold yourself to such a high standard. Forgive yourself and focus on making good choices next time.